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The Original Knowledge of London Site

This site has been online since 1999 and we are pleased to say that over the years we have seen many many knowledge boys and girls get their badges and we like to think we helped them along the way.

The taxiknowledge site has been on a sort of auto pilot for many years but now we are back and we hope to help even more knowledge boys and girls on their journey to obtaining their badges. Although we are predominantly geared towards the Green badge we will also cover the Yellow badge as best we can. Taxiknowedge.co uk is basically under new management and we hope to take the site back to where it should be.

blue book runs for mobile

We will be keeping some of the pages of the site as they are because we feel they are relevent as they cover such things as requreiments to do the knowledge, ie, age, medical, criminal records, we will also keep the callover section as well as cabology etc etc .

We will be losing the pages for callover partners, for sale/wanted weekly points, points collector and the classfieds section , but they will not be gone they will be incorperated into our new forum... see below:

We will also be losing the very outdated message board and adding a fully functioning knowlegde of London forum where everyone can share their thoughts and experiences of doing the knowledge, talk about runs, appearances etc or just blow off some steam about the cabbie who cut them up on their bike today or the kids who threw some apples as you looked for points.

You will also be able to discuss such things as the best way to do runs, are wizann's runs and methods better or worse than others. Do you need to use a cub 90 (c90) or are the more modern bikes better. Are the PCO one eyed monsters and will you make a living from becoming a london cab driver.

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We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation.

Thanks and good luck!.